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🏗️ Asset Modernisation and Relocation

Remote Control Systems

Is that pendant control cable causing your crane operators and processes to be less efficient?

They can often be a nuisance in some work environments; furthermore, there are instances where the use of pendant control cables can create hazards for crane operators and those in the vicinity, a remote-control system can control those risks.

Enquire today for a quotation and we will use our expertise to provide the most suitable and cost-effective solution.

Overhead Crane/Jib Modernisation

CraneCert can supply and install a range of control and safety improvement components to your overhead cranes and jibs. These include:
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Brake upgrades
  • Safety Load Limiters
  • Anti-collision sensors and zonal limit switches
  • Audible Warning Beacons

  • In addition, we can also guide you through your obligations relating to current standards BS ISO 12482:2014 which stipulates: ISO 12482:2014 specifies a method for monitoring, during long-term operation, the actual duty of the crane, and a means of comparing this to the original design duty which was specified through classification.

    The related design standard is ISO 4301 1. Approaching the design life limit means an increased probability of hazards. Monitoring of crane use — as described herein — provides a tool for predicting the approach of the design limits and for focusing special inspections on the critical areas of a crane.

    Need to re-site a crane or lifting asset?

    Cranecert Limited has an expert team of crane removal engineers who can relocate any type of lifting asset.

    We are available 24/7 to relocate your Overhead Crane, Goliath Crane, Swing Jib Crane, Gantry Steelwork Structure or any Lifting System.